• Catalysers, Breath and Determination to Grow Your Inner Power


    ​Music, Breath, Sex, Substances, Movement

    Catalysers help us access flow states consistently. Flow is technically defined as "an optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best."

    Your focus on the task at hand is absolute. All else disappears and the research demonstrates that mental and physical performance goes through the roof.


    The key to our mind-body-soul

    We're always breathing, yet we are mostly unaware of the potential of our breath. Higher O2 levels and tolerance to CO2 have incredible benefits. Different types of breathing exercises help us get into different states. Either to heal, perform or expand our consciousness.


    In a nut shell, breathing increases our energy levels, decreases our stress and can improve our immune response to swiftly deal with pathogens.


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  • Grow You

    CBD Power- 7 week on line training
    CBD Power- 7 week on line training
    Over 7 weeks we will explore how catalyser, breathing and determination help us grow our inner power.

    You will have access to a private facebook group , to ask questions and support yourself during the process of growing.

    First 10 people get the training at 150 euros instead of 250.
    Coming soon
    CBD Power 7 week on line training
    CBD Power 7 week on line training
    150.00 - 250.00
    Over 7 weeks we will meet 7 times by webinar, which you will have access to when ever you can watch.

    Access to a private Facebook group to exchange and ask questions

    A training book to track your progress
    Coming soon
  • Catalyser, Breath and Determination to Grow Your Inner Power.

    You're feeling tired, over-whelmed and a little lost right now. Yep. We are all going through this together. Exceptional times we are living through. A curse and a blessing.
    These are times when we can grow habits that will help us achieve peak performance consistently for the rest of our lives.

    Here's the thing, the habits that help us perform better are also the ones that can help us heal fully and expand our consciousness.

    You already have the keys to this within you. The most powerful key to growing your p


    You will learn:

    -Breathing exercises to calm you down or to activate yourself

    -How regular cold exposures make you happy, healthy and strong

    -To challenge yourself, by going into an ice cold bath and feel your inner power


    These 4 hour workshops will cover the 3 pillars of the method. Breathing, Cold exposure and Mental focus.


    Next workshop: Call or Send an sms

    +48 795 4000 47

  • Mathieu Spencer is a Doctor of Chiropractic specialised in musicians’ health. He graduated from the Institut Franco-Européen de Chiropraxie, based in Paris. After 6 years of studies, including 15 months of clinical internship, he received the title of Doctor of Chiropractic. After working a few years in Spain, he followed the course Médecine des Arts-Musique, where he received the Jury’s Special Prize for the research paper he conducted with Isia Smieszchalska. Afterwards they opened their own office Healthy Talent in Warsaw, Poland, where they treat mostly musicians and artists. To help his patients even better he regularly goes to seminars given by chiropractors who have helped many olympic medalists. To learn more visit www.RockYourCortex.com

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